Vote Against Amendment One

Triad musicians and multimedia artists collaborate with city and community leaders to raise their voices and vote against Amendment One.
"With all due respect, this is not a church service," Laurelyn Dossett

BBC World Service | the audio is available for the next 7 days.

Laurelyn, Jacqui and Ron from North Carolina discuss the decision by their state to make the law banning gay marriage a part of their constitution, where the conversation centers on whether God’s law is the highest law.

"November, that’s the battle before us."

"Know how your legislators voted."

"Stop bad bills before they’re written."

- Frank Eaton, Winston-Salem, NC


There’s already a petition against the passing of Amendment One, which banned same-sex marriage, civil unions, and domestic partnerships in North Carolina. These things actually tend to be pretty damn effective.

Let’s see what the power of Tumblr can do! I know there’s at least a million Tumblr users who are against this sort of harmful discrimination and bigotry.

Sign the petition and reblog to spread the word, please!

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Gabriele Pelli of The Old Ceremony

This new music version arrived on our facebook doorstep with the following note:

"So my shadowy and mysterious old friends, the Days Of Perky Pat, [named after a short science fiction story of the same name] came out of retirement/ hibernation to offer this up just at the last minute (with assistance from Lili.)”

They made it! 
hat tip to fOremma

They made it! 

hat tip to fOremma

Ben Singer is a wickedly talented musician in Greensboro, NC. He also engineered the original recording of Laurelyn Dossett’s “Vote Against Amendment One.”

He’s a vintage treasure collector, engineer Wizard, and recently off a nationally-touring Broadway production of “Wizard of Oz.” 

Thank you Ben. 


VOTE AGAINST AMENDMENT 1.  Spent a marvelous afternoon recording Laurelyn Dossett’s song Vote Against Amendment 1 with the FABULOUS cellist (& singer!) Elana Mie Scheiner. Recorded by Roger M. Gupton who does not appear on film (because he’s shy…) but also contributed backing vocals and a mean egg shaker. I love having such talented friends!! 

If you live in North Carolina, don’t forget to VOTE AGAINST AMENDMENT 1 MAY 8! For election info go here: